"A two-part suite, "Something Has Happened Against the Marine Background" is a journey into the heart of the trap kit— not only its sonorities and expressionistic nuances, but also its tonal origins and the root of its color palette, which are far vaster than anyone had any right to suspect. Drumming here is a dance, not involving the mysteries of sound and shade, texture and surface, but rather it is the place where all pre-lingual expressions are heard and experienced on the musical level." — Thom Jurek
"All Music Guide to Jazz"
4th edition


“Vladimir Tarasov, a drummer of rare subtlety and cunning, takes sensual delight in the very touch of his extensive array of instruments, from finger chimes to cymbals. He is also a master of decorative brushwork”.— Nat Hentoff
“The Wall Street Journal”, USA


“Enriching the part of the main instrument he brought forth devilish rhythms from anything which happened to come across his hands - from bells, cocktail shakers, gongs and even a tin box”.
Francis Davis
“Atlantic Journal”, USA


“A long drum solo, which Tarasov littered with hushend, chopped - off sounds as if trying to restrain his exubererance”.
John Fordnam
“The Guardian”, London


“Tarasov was virtuosic with one drum stick on a small hand-held disc”.
Mary Campbell
“Associated press”, New York



“This language is perhaps singular in that one man goes after the sound the drums have to offer, but it is universal in what it inspires, and what it inspires is awe, terror, vulnerability, loss, grief, sorrow, resolve, joy, and strength. In all, this recital is an inspiration to the very spirit of the creative heart, how it pulses and breathes, moves, and creates from emptiness, only to return to the eternal silence.”
Thom Jurek
All Music Guide to Jazz
4th edition



Selected Reviews:
ATTO, Melodia C60-23565, Soviet Union, 1985
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vladimir tarasov
solo releases
ATTO I, Something Has Happened Against The Marine Background, 1985, Vilnius Recording Studio
ATTO II, Monotypes, 1986, Vilnius Recording Studio
ATTO III,Drumtheatre, 1988, Vilnius Recording Studio
ATTO IV,Percussion, Drums, 1989, Vilnius Recording Studio
ATTO V,Percussion, Drums, 1991, Moscow Recording Studio
ATTO VI,A Little Piece for Children in Six Parts, 1991, Moscow Recording Studio
ATTO VII,Water Music, 1992, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
ATTO VIII,Sonore, 1993, Vilnius Recording Studio
ATTO IX,Aleatoric Music for Percussion and Roulette, 2000, Recorded live at Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
ATTO X,Le temps du repli, 2001, Recorded live at Festival d'Avignon, France
ATTO XI,Last Landscape, 2004, Recorded live at Maison de la Culture, Nevers, France
ATTO XI,Last Landscape, 2004, Recorded live at Maison de la Culture, Nevers, France
ATTO I-XI,11 CD Box Set & 1 DVD (soun d installations), 2005, Long Arms Records CDLA 0507-82, Leo Records CDLR 817/828
SOUND GAMES DVD, Prior Records Group, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008
THINKING OF KHLEBNIKOV, (NoBusiness Records NBCD 10, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010)